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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Typical Questions that may come up... If you don't find an answer, feel free to contact us

Why are the prices higher compared to

The prices on do not include sales tax (VAT) or customs. The prices shown here include both.

I´m not sure about size / fitting...

Please feel free to contact us: we will help you to find the best fitting and to avoid unecessary returnings.

We have also a showroom at GUE Dive Center Tauchservice Münster. Feel free to visit us!

The item I want to buy is currently not available

The EU Store just started and we don't have all item in all sizes with an unlimited stock available. To have your order shipped directly we have currently limited the cart to only products that are in stock and do not pile up backorders. Next step is to have regular restocking. If you miss any item  or size, please contact us:

Why is Austria not available for shipping?

Austria has changed waste regulations for 2023 so we need to find a solution for that. Unfortunately this will result in a not available shipping to Austria . You ma y use service for a German shipping address.

What about non-EU European countries?

As we just started, we focus on EU countries. As shipping and customs towards non-EU countries needs some fine tuning in the configurations, only EU countries are selectable. Please send your inquiry to and we will send you an offer.

What about my Membership discount?

If you are a GUE Member (Thanks a lot!) you can also take advantage of your membership discounts (see For that you need to create a user account on with the same mail address like on - please allow 2hours during business hours for verification. Your discount is shown in the cart.

Please be aware that post order discounts would make a lot of work so please check prior ordering that the correct discount in shown in your cart. 

I deleted my discount in the cart, how do I get it back?

If you accidentally delete your member discount, you need to empty your cart and refill it again. If the cart was empty, the discount should be added automatically again. If any questions rise, feel free to contact us: